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Heal With Me

My name is Dr. Kris, and as a holistic doctor, crystal healer, and wise woman, natural wisdom is central to who I am and how I serve.

I was called to be a healer, but I was not affirmed in this calling until I started becoming in tune with the rhythms of my body. There is great power in working with your body’s natural ability to heal. I truly understand the importance of creating harmony between the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our being and I want to help you heal yourself, holistically.

My vision is to serve my patients, especially womyn (cis and trans), the wise woman way- with natural remedies and healing modalities. In our current state of healthcare, where people are marginalized, becoming sick(er), and are detached from their own healing processes, the need for natural healthcare is greater than ever and my goal is to fulfill that need. I currently specialize in chiropractic, crystal healing, and herbal medicine. I want to teach people how to be in tune with the rhythms of their bodies, how to trust the healing process, and most importantly, to help people reclaim their power.

Let me assist you in your healing journey - whether that looks like clearing dysfunctional patterns in the astral/etheric subsystems with crystals, guiding meditation with Somatorespiratory Integration, or removing subluxations. Let me show you how to enhance your diet and improve your body’s overall function. Let me help you heal.


Start your healing journey with me today.

Healing Services

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