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Rough Raw Brown Crystal Aragonite


Intuition, Grounding, Balance, Patience, Cleansing, Calming, Acceptance, Stability, Stress Relief, Introspection


Chakras: Crown, Sacral, Root


Aragonite is a grounding stone that promotes personal growth. It helps its user get to the root of problems and helps release attachments. It is helpful for those who lack discipline and/or need help focusing and concentrating. Aragonite also connects its user to the Earth, encouraging environmentalism and awareness of their impact on the planet.


Physically, Aragonite can be used to relieve pain, spasms, aches, chills, and insomnia. It supports the Nervous System, Immune System, Hypothalamus, Adrenal glands and Pituitary gland. Aragonite may be helping in absorbing calcium and Vitamin A.



*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services.

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