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Compassion Forgiveness, Trust, Security, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Overcome Obstacles, Peace, Optimism, Youthfulness, Strength, Justice, Victory, Independence, Nature, Nightmares, Alertness, Balance, Removes Blockages, Open Heart, Spiritual Growth, Commitment


Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus


Chrysoprase is a stone of love, truth, and divinity. Chrysoprase is a stone sacred to the goddess of love, Venus, and helps us to connect with Her. It diminishes the ego and encourages its user to walk in truth. One can achieve a higher connection with the Divine while meditating with Chrysoprase.


Chrysoprase is a superior heart-healing stone. It can help heal the inner child and mend a broken heart. Chrysoprase heals deep-seated emotions locked in our psyches, eases feelings of loneliness, pity, and grief, expands our ability to receive love, and stimulates healthy independence. It helps us to trust and forgive ourselves, purge persistent negative feelings from wrong-doings, and eliminates regret. Chrysoprase teaches us that our past helped shape who we are now and to fully accept ourselves as we are.


Chrysoprase also connects us with nature. It encourages us to reconnect with all parts of our ecosystem, from the tiniest ant to the largest tree. It teaches us to appreciate life and to have compassion for all living things.


Physically, Chrysoprase helps heals ulcers and other digestive disorders, skin diseases, and fungal infections, improves eye-related conditions, boosts immunity, reduces fevers. It stimulatesdetoxification and elimination, reduces depression and and balances hormones. It helps with insomnia and reduces nightmares. Chrysoprase has also been used to increase fertility. It is a great stone for healing and regeneration when ill or in general from daily stressors.




*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services.

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