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Crystal Chip Bracelets

Crystal Chip Bracelets

Choose from:


Clear Quartz

Universal stone and is very versatile. Good for manifesting, healing, directing energy, amplifying, channeling, retrieving energy, tapping into energetic fields, transmuting, scrying, meditating, enhancing and activating other crystals, and can be programmed.



Dreaming, willpower, connecting with truth and the Akashic Records, enhances intuition, confidence, self-acceptance, self-esteem, inner peace, trust, reveals insecurities, and reduces electromagnetic smog



Luck, protection, passion, willpower, vigor, positivity, faith, vitality, sensuality, Kundalini stimulation


Green Aventurine

Good luck, fortune, mental stability, anti-anxiety, possibilities, creativity, cheerfulness

soothing, reduces Geopathic Stress, calms emotions, reduces stress, balances yin/yang,



Traveling, protection, optimism, magnetism and attraction, courage, ascension, willpower, dispels negativity, and reduces worry



Wealth, prosperity, success, abundance, manifestation, confidence, self-esteem, joy, hope, focus, energizing energy, happiness, intuition, and helps overcome nightmares



Gem of Egypt, compassion, personal growth, renewal, harmony, detoxifies, brings opportunities, reveals truth, attracts love, protection; releases baggage, stress, fear and guilt


Rainbow Moonstone

Femininity, dreams, intuition, emotional balance, mystery, truth, introspection, cycles, wisdom, serendipity, creativity, decision-making, purity, psychic ability, clairvoyance, psychic protection, lucid dreaming, traveler’s stone, passion, kundalini energy, connection to lunar cycle


Black Tourmaline

Protection, grounding, strength, courage, confidence, concentration, inspiration, compassion, understanding, balance, vitality, positivity, eases stress, reduces electromagnetic stress



Peace, calm, love, harmony, relationships, communication, courage, meditation, inspiration, clarity, creativity, karmic release, intellect, intuition, clairvoyance, self-expression, perception, education, skills, service, Venus connection, premonition


Lapis Lazuli

Royalty, virility, intuition, dreams, truth, honesty, fidelity, spirit guides, wisdom, openness, freedom, communication, empowerment, self-confidence, courage, clarity, hope, meditation, manifestation, protection, helps overcome abuse

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