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Activist Kit- Crystals for Change

Activist Kit- Crystals for Change

The Crystals for Change sets are designed to support you as you fight for what’s right. We have tailored these different versions to your liking:


For Organizers and Activists:

Amazonite for the power to speak your truth

Lapis Lazuli for intuition, divine guidance, building confidence and overcoming emotional wounds

Obsidian for protection

Black Tourmaline for grounding

Epidote for alleviating depression and helping you recover and regenerate from overworking, stress, and painful experiences. Epidote also enhances personal power and helps us follow through with our commitments.


For Allies:

Selenite for ending conflict and bringing reconciliation and peace

Green Aventurine to strengthen your sense of self

Rose Quartz for compassion and love

Smoky Quartz for protection and enhancing your ability to listen

Bloodstone for courage and healing trauma experienced by your bloodlin

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