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Girasol Opal

Girasol Opal

Truth, Communication, Visualization, Authenticity, Dream-Work, Optimism, Creativity, Imagination, Passion, Love, Psychic Cloaking, Joy, Courage, Strength, Awareness, Self-Love, Emotional Clarity, Scrying


Chakras: Crown, Throat


Girasol Opal is a peculiar stone as named after its appearance, not its classification. Its appearance is due to the Girasol Effect, an optical phenomenon which describes the light reflecting off the inner walls creating flecks of color, which makes it glow when held in the light. Girasol Opal is not actually an Opal, but a Quartz. It is named “Opal” due to is milky color which creates an adularescent-like sheen similar to those in most opals. For this reason, people also call this stone Milky, Pearl, or Foggy Quartz or Moon Opal. Essentially, Girasol Opal is a Quartz that has the beauty found in most opals and Moonstone.


In addition to being beautiful, Girasol Opal is extremely popular as it brings hope, peace and inspiration to people who desire to change the things in their life that no longer serve them. Its energy is cool and calming, encouraging peace of mind. It enhances creativity, thinking outside the box and imagination. Girasol Opal makes life feel more pleasant and attunes its user to their true feelings about matters. It inspires them to be more thoughtful, think things through and weigh out their options to avoid disappointment and regret. Girasol Opal helps to deepen relationships and improves communication. Girasol Opal gives its user the courage to speak their truth no matter the difficulty. This is a great stone for those who feel silenced or who have difficulty speaking up. It is a powerful, yet gentle stone that can be used by people of all ages.


Physically, Girasol Opal helps to restore balance to the Immune System to help fight fever and illness. It stimulates blood circulation and metabolic functions and alleviates chronic fatigue, kidney dysfunction, eye disorders, and Diabetes Mellitus.



*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services.

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