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Rough Raw Labradorite Crystal Stone


Protection, Trust, Transformation, Intuition, Love, Courage, Faith, Awareness, Success, Synchronicity, Past Life Regression, Astral Travel, Akashic Records


Chakras: Throat, Third Eye


Labradorite is a stone for those seeking spiritual growth and transformation. Labradorite helps bring awareness and insight into one’s destiny. It guides one’s path and ability to hear their inner thoughts clearly. Via third-eye activation and facilitation, it increases mental acuity, connects one’s intuitive self, and integrates the etheric and physical bodies. Labradorite protects its user’s aura and teaches them how to form boundaries while journeying though the spiritual realms.


Labradorite is a calming antianxiety agent. It is used to regulate hormones, lower blood pressure, treat symptoms of inflammatory conditions, influenza. It also assists with digestion, metabolism, neurogenic disorders, depression, and eye-related conditions.



*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services

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