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Rough Raw Blue Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stone

Lapis Lazuli

Royalty, Virility, Intuition, Dreams, Truth, Honesty, Fidelity, Spirit Guides, Wisdom, Openness, Freedom, Communication, Empowerment, Self-Confidence, Courage, Clarity, Hope, Meditation, Manifestation, Protection, Overcome Abuse


Chakras: Third Eye, Throat


Lapis Lazuli is a stone of royalty and manifestation. Lapis Lazuli sharpens the mind and enhances cognition. It also increases one’s intuition and abilities to manifest their desires. Lapis Lazuli is also capable of harmonizing the Throat and Third-Eye Chakras, allowing one to impart wisdom and “say the right thing.” This stone also helps overcome trauma and build confidence to heal emotional wounds.


Lapis Lazuli is a stone for pain relief. It helps ailments associated with the throat, immune system, sinuses, thyroid, thymus, and pituitary glands. It alleviates migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, and restless leg syndrome. Lapis Lazuli is also helpful with bettering speech disorders, insomnia, premenstrual syndrome, autism, tuberculosis, cancer, and recovering from surgery.



*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services.

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