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Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Passion, Responsibility, Survival, Stress-Relief, Grounding, Self-Trust, Protection, Tranquility, Peace, Kundalini, Accountability, Sex Drive, Direction, Stamina, Confidence


Chakras: Heart, Sacral, Root


Red Jasper is a protective stone. It removes negative energy, confusion, stress, and frustration and can help keep you protected while doing dream work and lucid dreaming.  Red Jasper brings confidence, self-trust and courage to its user. It guides your gut and helps you take responsibility for your choices. It can help you achieve your aspirations by emboldening your passions and giving you guidance, direction, insight, and the necessary support to fulfill your goals. It helps you stand your ground, stubbornly protecting your interest so that you stay steadfast in becoming the best you. It’s energy also creates accountability, making you feel discomfort or bringing your wrong-doings to your attention- it “calls you out.”


Red Jasper awakens the kundalini, driving your Life Force towards healing and vitality. It has been said to assist with healing disease and dysfunction. It is a great stone for men, as it boosts their sexual functioning and virility. It also brings peace and tranquility to those with depression and anxiety.



*Crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not intended to be used in lieu of professional healthcare services.

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