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White Sage

White Sage

Smudging with White Sage can be used at any time to cleanse, purify, and/or bless people, places, and objects. Its smoke is believed to ward off bad spirits and energy.


Due to increased demand, there has been a surplus in the harvesting of White Sage. White Sage is a sacred herb that has been used by Native Americans for years in ceremonies, rituals, and other spiritual practices. This herb was never intended to be grown for mass production/consumption and is now an endangered plant.


We want to honor this and will no longer be carrying these sacred plants or using them in our personal spiritual practices. We, instead, will be creating sprays and blends for your use. There are many other plants that may be used to energetically cleanse a space that grow abundantly (i.e. lavender, garden sage, cedar wood, rosemary, etc) and can be used as alternatives to White Sage. We ask that you join us and make a conscious effort to honor our Earth mother by becoming more ethical and sustainable in your spiritual practices.

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